Salesforce Platform App Builder

Notes by Exam Topic

Some content in this section taken from Salesforce’s Certified Platform App Builder Exam Guide.

MW Intro

Salesforce Fundamentals: 23%

Data Modeling and Management: 22%

Business Logic and Process Automation: 28%

User Interface: 17%

  • Describe the user interface customization options.
  • Demonstrate the capabilities and use cases for custom buttons, links, and actions.
  • Given a scenario, determine the declarative options available for incorporating Lightning Components in an application.
  • Describe the programmatic customizations available for incorporating custom Lightning Components in an application.

  • MW: User Interface 4/2

  • Lightning App Builder 11/7
  • Superbadge: Lightning Experience Specialist (SF Link) TBD

App Development: 10%

MW Outro

Notes by Platform, in Order of Completion

Platform App Builder Trailhead Modules

Prepare for Your Salesforce Platform App Builder Credential (SF Link)

  1. AppExchange Solutions 2/22
  2. Picklist Administration 1/24
  3. Formulas and Validations 2/2
  4. Screen Flow Distribution 2/5
  5. Lightning Experience Productivity 2/27
  6. Chatter Administration for Lightning Experience 2/23
  7. Flow Basics 3/6
  8. Project: Build a Simple Flow 3/4
  9. Flow Builder 3/6
  10. Flow Testing and Distribution 3/6
  11. Superbadge: Process Automation Specialist (SF Link) (6 of 7 Steps Completed as of 3/10)
  12. Superbadge: App Customization Specialist (SF Link) 3/17
  13. Application Lifecycle and Development Models 3/24
  14. Change Set Development Model 3/27
  15. Org Development Model 3/30
  16. Package Development Model 4/2
  17. Superbadge: Lightning Experience Specialist (SF Link) TBD

Study for the Platform App Builder Exam (SF Link)

  1. App Builder Cert Prep: Fundamentals and User Interface 4/3
  2. App Builder Cert Prep: Data Modeling and App Deployment 4/3

Notes on Mike Wheeler’s Platform App Builder Courses

Platform App Builder Trailhead References and Reading

Platform App Builder Superbadges

Content in this section taken from each of the Superbadge pages, linked above.

Security Specialist


  • Data Security
  • User Authentication
  • User Permissions


  • Set object-level security settings to control which users can access which objects
  • Set record-level security settings to control which users can create and edit specific records
  • Set appropriate password policies to comply with security best practices
  • Track field-level changes to meet data retention requirements
  • Set report, dashboard, and public list view security settings to grant appropriate privileges to users
  • Set up two-factor authentication to enhance user login security
  • Describe capabilities to track changes to Salesforce settings

Process Automation Specialist


  • Validations and Formulas
  • Sales Process
  • Process Builder
  • Flow


  • Automate lead ownership using assignment rules
  • Enforce data integrity with formula fields and validation rules
  • Create a custom object in a master-detail relationship to a standard object
  • Define an opportunity sales process using stages, record types, and validation rules
  • Automate business processes to send emails, create related records, and submit opportunities for approval
  • Create a flow to display dynamic information on a Lightning record page
  • Create a process to evaluate and update records

Lightning Experience Specialist


  • Lightning Experience UI
  • Lightning Process Builder
  • Lightning App Builder


  • Show what you know about Sales Process
  • Provide tailored guidance for sales reps to close deals
  • Show what you know about rolling out Lightning Experience
  • Create three process flows with Process Builder
  • Customize separate service processes for two types of cases
  • Import data from legacy sales and fulfillment systems
  • Improve sales and support rep efficiency by customizing the Lightning UI

Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist


  • Folder sharing
  • Lightning Report Builder
  • Report types
  • Report filters, cross filters, and logic
  • Report buckets and groups
  • Report charts
  • Custom summary formula fields
  • Lightning Dashboard Builder


  • Administer report and dashboard visibility and access
  • Apply report types and fields
  • Design a record filtering strategy
  • Create and surface report charts and dashboards
  • Apply buckets, groups, and custom summary formulas
  • Create dashboard components

App Customization Specialist


  • Record types
  • Schema
  • Approval process
  • Reports
  • App Builder


  • Add a record type
  • Build fields
  • Create an approval process
  • Create reports and a dashboard
  • Build an app and app home page