Platform App Builder Outro

Additional Items and Final Steps Introduction

Final Steps for our IMDb Clone App and Introducing the Dreamhouse App

  • The Dream House App is a website built by Salesforce Developers that demonstrates the capabilities of the Salesforce platform.

Taking the Exam – Online vs On-Site

Test Taking Strategies – Very Important

  • Use the time allotted! Go the full 90 minutes to double-check answers and embed the questions in your mind.
  • If you have no idea on a question, first, eliminate the clearly incorrect options. Then, mark one of the remaining options, and mark the question for later review. Review these marked questions a 2nd time
  • Time-permitting, read through all questions and answers a 3rd time. You may find that you marked some questions incorrectly.
  • MW recommends doing a “brain dump” immediately upon finding out you failed the exam. Write down or record all of the questions you can remember, so that you can research the answers.
  • MW recommends scheduling a retake within 2-3 weeks if you do fail, so that everything is still fresh in your mind.

Next Steps and a Note of Thanks