Advanced Administrator

Notes by Exam Topic

Some content in this section taken from Salesforce’s Certified Advanced Administrator Exam Guide and this Trailhead Trailmix.

Security and Access, 20%

Objects and Applications, 19%

  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate solution to enhance or extend objects. (master-detail, lookup, junction object, related list, record type, schema builder, and object creator).
  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate solution to enhance or extend the UI/UX with applications. (app manager, lightning app builder, dynamic forms, standard lightning page components, console, and lightning page analyze button.)

  • Custom Objects: Quick Look 4/19/23
  • Lightning Experience Rollout TBD
  • Lightning Experience Features TBD

  • Link: Considerations for Relationships

Auditing and Monitoring, 10%

  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate tools for monitoring and troubleshooting system activity (debug log, set up audit trail).
  • Explain how to ensure sensitive data is setup to support a business/legal/compliance use case in production and sandbox environments.
  • Explain how to review and troubleshoot security settings including pending updates that may change system access.

  • Event Monitoring TBD
  • Event Monitoring Analytics App TBD

Cloud Applications, 11%

  • Describe the features of Salesforce which enable Sales users to conduct the sale process, including products, price books, schedules, orders, and quotes
  • Distinguish and understand the implications and capabilities of Forecasting and Territory Management
  • Explain how to create and maintain Salesforce Knowledge (article record types, data categories).
  • Explain how to create and maintain service entitlements and entitlement processes.
  • Describe the features of Salesforce which enable interaction between support agents and customers (Chat, Case Feed, Service Cloud Console, Experience Cloud sites, Omni-Channel).
  • Given a scenario, understand the standard Salesforce suite of products that enable extending the core platform.

  • Leads & Opportunities for Lightning Experience 9/30/20
  • Projects, Quotes, & Contracts 10/1/20
  • Advanced Territory Management TBD
  • Path & Workspaces TBD
  • Lightning Knowledge Setup and Customization TBD
  • Set Up Salesforce Knowledge TBD
  • Set Up Case Escalation and Entitlements TBD
  • Omni-Channel for Lightning Experience TBD
  • Identity for Customers TBD

  • Link: Knowledge Article Visibility and Data Category Considerations

Data and Analytics Management, 13%

  • Explain the tools and best practices for assessing, improving and enriching data quality. (data types, validation, managing duplicates, enriching, archiving).
  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate analytic tools to meet complex reporting requirements (custom report types, reporting snapshots, complex charting, custom summary formulas, bucketing, joined reports, cross filters, dynamic dashboards, dashboard filters).
  • Understand methods to connect to, access, backup/restore, or archive data outside of the Salesforce platform. (big objects, data warehouse, external objects, data lakes, third-party solutions, and Salesforce Connect).
  • Given a scenario, identify the appropriate tools and methods for importing data into Salesforce. (data import wizard, data loader, and external ID).

  • Formulas and Validations 2/2/21
  • Duplicate Management 10/25/20
  • External Services TBD
  • Import and Export with Data Management Tools 10/27/20
  • Improve Data Quality for Your Sales and Support Teams TBD
  • Improve Data Quality for a Recruiting App TBD
  • Evaluate Report Data with Formulas TBD
  • Embed Dashboards and Report Charts on Lightning Pages TBD
  • Big Object Basics TBD

Environment Management and Deployment, 7%

Process Automation, 20%

  • Given a complex scenario, determine the solution using the best tool, or combination of tools to solve a business problem
  • Given a scenario identify the appropriate tool or method for troubleshooting declarative automation.
  • Given a scenario, explain the capabilities and limitations of each declarative automation tool. Understand the implications of the order of execution when using automation tools.

  • Advanced Formulas
  • Approve Records with Approval Processes 10/31/20
  • Apex Triggers 9/17/21

  • Link: Approvals