Flow Testing and Distribution

Make Sure Your Flow Works

Identify test cases for a flow. Explain what a flow interview is. Test a flow from Flow Builder.
  • Before starting testing, draft a list of test cases, and identify the expected results. The list should include:
    • When the expected actions should/should not occur
    • How formulas should resolve
  • The Debug button in flow builder lets admins enter values for the flow’s input variables and display debug details while running the flow.
    • Debug details in the right column of the debug screen show how the flow executed
  • Each time a flow runs, a “Flow Interview” starts. A Flow Interview is an instance of a flow.
  • What’s the difference between the Run and Debug buttons in Flow BUilder? The Debug button displays details for debugging the flow.

Enable User Access For Your Flow

List declarative options for distributing screen flows and autolaunched flows. Compare the distribution options for a screen flow. Distribute a flow with a Lightning page
  • Only “Flow Admins” (users with the Manage Flows system permission) can run inactive flows
  • Active flows can be run by any users with one or more of the following:
    • The “Run Flows” user permission
    • The “Flow User” field enabled on their user detail page
    • If “Override default behavior and restrict access to enabled profiles or permission sets” is selected for the flow they want to run
  • Many options for distributing flows:
    • Screen Flows: Flow actions, Lightning pages, Lightning community pages, Custom buttons or custom links, Web tabs, Direct flow URLs, Snap-in Deployments
      • Recommended options are:
        • Lightning pages: flow will be used every time someone access a page
        • Flow actions: Flow needs the context of a record (could also be a Lightning Record Page)
        • Lightning page: Flow will be used every time someone accesses a page
        • Utility bar: Flow should be available from every page
        • Lightning community pages: Flow should be available to external users
    • Autolaunched Flows: Process builder, Custom buttons or links, Web tabs