Lightning Experience Productivity

Elevate Your Daily Productivity

Kick off global actions and work with docked composers. Identify new features on the Home page. Use keyboard shortcuts.
  • Lightning empowers multitasking with two new features: Global Actions menu and Utility bar
    • Global Actions are available behind the “+” sign
      • Each global action fires off a dedicated composer window at the bottom of the page
      • “Global” because the options all create records without an automatic relationship to other records or the current page
    • Utility bar is a fixed footer at the bottom of the page
      • Can include utilities and productivity tools like Notes, Quip, flow launcher, telephony features
  • Several keyboard shortcuts are also available in Lightning
  • When editing an Opportunity, you get a call with info you need to save in a note. How should you proceed?
    • Continue editing the Opportunity while selecting New Note from the Global Action menu
  • Among other things, what can the Assistant do?
    • See Opportunities with no activity in 30 days
  • Among other things, what can Lightning keyboard shortcuts do?
    • Initiate a search

Work with Notes and Files

Create enhanced notes and attach them to multiple records. Find all your files in Salesforce Files.
  • Admin needs to turn on “Enhanced Notes,” then you will have rich text formatting, ability to insert pictures, etc
  • Notes were available from the Notes & Attachments related list, Enhanced Notes are available from the “Notes” related list. The Related Lists are separate.
  • In Lightning, can launch a new Note from anywhere. Reference the New Note action in most records' action menu.
  • Notes has its own tab once enabled
  • Note Setup Help Article

  • Files can be easily uploaded and associated with records by drag and dropping into the Files area
    • All file types are supported
    • Files can be shared with internal and external groups
    • Public Links can be created that allow sharing files with people not on the org
  • There are some older Content types that aren’t fully supported or supported at all in Lightning:
    • Attachments
    • Documents
    • Salesforce CRM Content

  • What can you do when editing an enhanced note?
    • Apply bold and italics, Add images, Relate the note to multiple records
  • How do you attach a file to a record in Lighting?
    • Drag the file from your computer to the Files related list card

Manage Your Tasks, Events, and Email

Review your activity history in the activity timeline. Update tasks. Work efficiently with calendar events. Identify two places from which you can send email in Lightning Experience.
  • Helpful Videos
  • Activity Timeline is a section of the page layout visible on most record pages. It is new to Lightning.
    • Often under the Activity header
    • Split into Upcoming & Overdue and Past Months
    • Includes: Email, Events, List Email, Logged Calls, Tasks
  • The Tasks tab and object is also new in Lightning
    • The “Split View” is a particularly useful way to look at tasks
  • Calendar has been improved in Lightning, as well.
    • Can view Salesforce data as events on a calendar. Create a new Calendar, then select date fields that represent data you want to track.
    • Colleague’s shared calendars can be added as well.
  • Bulk-sent Emails in Classic were called Mass Email
    • The same functionality is called List Email in Lightning
  • List emails can use three different types of templates
    • Classic Email Template, Lightning Email Template, Email Template Builder

  • Which activities can you view in the activity timeline?
    • Past and future activities
  • Which actions can you complete on the Tasks home page?
    • Edit existing tasks, create new tasks, mark tasks as complete
  • Which calendars can you see on your calendar?
    • Any calendar that has been shared with you in your org
  • What are two options for creating and sending emails in Lightning?
    • From Activity Composer on a record and the Global Actions menu
Find recent items in instant results. Find the right record in full search results.
  • When performing a “global search,” the options that come up, in order, are:
    1. Full Search
    2. Object-specific Search
    3. Suggested records
  • A powerful search tip is to click into the dropdown next to search, and type in the first letters of the object you want to search. Then, click it and add the search text.
  • Lookup searches (when associating records when records are being newly created)

  • How can you see recent items in Lightning Experience instant results?
    • Click into the global search box
  • How can you refine search results in Lightning Experience?
    • Sort search results and filter results for Accounts and Files

Collaborate with Feeds and Groups

Describe live feeds in Lightning Experience. Add an inline image and a hyperlink to a post. Create and manage your personal Chatter streams. Describe the difference between sharing in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience. Add a banner to a group.
  • Chatter has been improved in Lightning by adding Posts, Polls and Questions as well as additional options for inline image linking, code snippets, emojis, and @mentions
  • Chatter in Lightning also offers live feeds, so the page does not need to be refreshed to have updated content
  • Streams are a means of combining multiple feeds from many different objects into a single view
    • Specific records and hash tags can be followed
    • The “Follow” button that is visible on Salesforce record pages is a way of adding updates to that record to a Stream

Analyze Your Data with Reports and Dashboards

Describe how Lightning Experience reports and dashboards differ from their Salesforce Classic peers. Build and read reports and dashboards in Lightning Experience. Collaborate on reports and dashboards.
  • Salesforce Dashboards created in Lightning cannot be edited in Classic.
  • Salesforce Dashboards created in Classic, but then edited and saved in Lightning, cannot be edited in Classic any longer.

  • Which features are only available in Lighting?
    • Lightning table dashboard component, expandable dashboard components, 9-column dashboards
  • What can you do while reading a Lightning report?
    • Edit report filters without opening the report builder
  • What is the best way to ask a question about a dashboard component?
    • Post a component snapshot to the dashboard feed, ask your question, and mention your colleagues