AppExchange Solutions

Discover AppExchange Solutions

Define AppExchange. List AppExchange solution types. Describe the benefits of using AppExchange solutions in your projects.
  • AppExchange was launched in 2006
  • It is a marketplace for Salesforce-related “solutions,” including:
    • Apps
    • Components
    • Bolt solutions
    • Lightning Data
    • Flow solutions
    • Consultants
  • Today, more than 88% of Salesforce customers have installed at least one app.
  • An app is a ready-to-install collection of items that work together to serve a particular function. To create apps, developers combine custom objects, applications, tabs, and components in to a single app package.
  • Components are building blocks that let you put bigger things together, like apps. They let you add functionality without having to develop it.
    • Web components are user interface elements. In Lightning, everything on a page (buttons, tabs, etc) are lightning components.
  • Bolt Solutions are complete industry solutions that are quick to deploy on Salesforce. Examples:
    • Deliver a complete customer onboarding experience
    • Jumpstart creation of a community/website that integrates with Salesforce
    • Create a portal for franchisees to access latest versions of logos/other brand assets
  • Lightning Data are a special type of app that connects the org to a third-party data feed. Examples:
    • Market analysis and go-to-market strategy
    • Lead scoring and routing
    • Marketing segmentation in account-based marketing (ABM)
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Einstein Flow Solutions automatically do things like update data, send email, and interact with external systems on behalf of the user. Examples:
    • Send an SMS message
    • Conduct a credit check
    • Update account info
    • Add branded, mobile-ready surveys to your flows
    • Create orders from quotes
    • Validate, capture, and save customer payment methods Consultangs are specialists with deep industry knowledge and proven Salesforce expertise.

Find Your Way Around AppExchange

Search for and filter solutions. List the factors that influence personalized recommendations.
  • Search results can be filtered by:
    • Solution type
    • Price
    • Salesforce edition
    • Customer rating
    • Language
  • Industry-specific solutions are available on the “Industry Collections” tab:
    • Communications
    • Education
    • Financial services
    • Government
    • Healthcare and life sciences
    • Manufacturing
    • Media
    • Nonprofits
    • Professional services
    • Real estate
    • Retail
    • Travel, transportation, and hospitality

Tour Solutions by Type

Differentiate between AppExchange solution types. Identify use cases for each solution type.
  • Apps are fully-baked, ready to install solutions. An example might be a sales contracts workflow app that sends a contract to stakeholders, collects signatures, and tracks approvals.
  • Components are compact, configurable, and reusable elements that can be packaged into an app or other solution type, or added to a web page. Components make it easy to plug in small features, screen elements, or functions to existing systems.
    • An example might be a component on an account record page that displays when a follow-up date for that account is approaching.
  • An example Bolt Solution is a self-service employee support ticket creation and tracking portal that integrates with Salesforce cases. In the support world, a case is a question, feedback, or issue.
  • An example Lightning Data solution might be a data integrity checker.
  • An example Flow Solution might help to run credit checks on accounts and then run a series of steps to set up the customer account for billing.
    • Sometimes these are templates that need to be customized in a Sandbox before deployment to the production org.

Install an AppExchange Solution

Describe Salesforce Labs solutions. Install an AppExchange solution in your org. Add an AppExchange solution to a process flow.
  • Salesforce Labs is a program that lets Salesforce engineers and other trailblazing employees create solutions and share them with you on AppExchange. They are:
    • Free.
    • Ready to install.
    • Designed to solve common business challenges.
    • Open source.