Platform App Builder Intro

Salesforce Fundamentals Introduction

Multitenant Architecture Overview

  • Multitenant - means you’re on a platform and sharing resources with other Salesforce customers.
    • Each “instance” or org is obviously separate.
    • Multitenant Architecture write-up
      • has many other similar useful articles
  • Salesforce encourages good coding practices to help developers avoid “bringing the system down” for everyone.

Introducing the MVC Design Pattern

  • MVC stands for “Model, View, Controller” - it is a software development paradigm
    • Understanding the pattern will make you an effective app builder
    • Model: Salesforce Objects, Apex Classes
      • Heavy focus in this cert
    • View: Pages, Components
      • Medium focus in this cert
    • Controller: Standard, Custom (Apex)
      • Light focus in this cert

The Salesforce Schema

  • Access via: Setup > Quick Find > “Schema” > Schema Builder

Helpful Practice Activity – Downloading Apps off the AppExchange

  • Access from Setup homepage or visit

AppExchange Sample Exam Question #3 from Study Guide

  • If the exam question mentions “limited in-house development resources,” the correct answer is likely to involve AppExchange

Helpful Practice Activity – Resetting Your Security Token

  • Security token is used for data loader. It is an additional layer of security that Salesforce uses.
    • View from personal user screen (top right)
    • Reset from Settings > My Personal Info > Reset My Security Token