Visualizing the Geographic Distribution of California Analytics Jobs

An exercise in web scraping, data cleaning, and visualization that conclusively answers the question of where most data jobs are located in California. Tools utilized include Python, Pandas, Tableau, regular expressions, and BeautifulSoup (5/18).

Rise of the Service Economy, A Dataset Exploration

An exploration and visualization of, and commentary on, data pertaining to the rise of the service economy. Utilizes Python, Pandas, and leverages Matplotlib extensively (2/18).

Wrangling the WeRateDogs Twitter Feed

Gathering, assessing, and cleaning data related to the tweet history of the famous WeRateDogs Twitter account. Utilizes Python, Pandas, and Matplotlib (4/18).

Exploring Chemical Indicators of Red Wine Quality

A dataset exploration exercise using a dataset containing physiochemical attributes and quality ratings for a selection of 1600 red wines. Utilizes R, ggplot2, and ggpairs (4/18).

Statistical Analysis of the Stroop Effect

A brief exercise in inferential statistics demonstrating a statistically significant result that establishes the presence of a well-known psychological phenomena. Tools utilized include Python, Pandas, and Matplotlib (2/18).

Analyzing A/B Test Results

A project that leverages inferential statistics and hypothesis testing in combination with a database of user conversion rates to determine whether a company should adopt a new web page or keep the old one. Utilizes Python, Pandas, Matplotlib, and logistic regression via the statsmodels.api library (2/18).