Managing Personal Finance from Trailhead Org

This project is a work in progress.

The following data architecture can be used to manage your personal finance on Trailhead orgs. I plan to develop this architecture further as a means of managing my own personal finance instead of using services like,, etc. Those service’s integrations with bank accounts and credit card accounts frequently break, making them fickle, unreliable tools.

Picklist Options

  • Transaction__c object
    • Category__c
      • Paycheck
      • Rent
      • Groceries
      • Student Loan
      • Restaurants
      • Fuel or Gas
      • Utilities
      • Gym
      • Further options to be added…
    • Type__c
      • Income
      • Necessary Spending
      • Discretionary Spending
      • Transfer
  • Account__c object
    • Type__c
      • Checking
      • Credit Card
      • Savings
      • Investment