Job Applications App

Object Structure


  • Main Company (Lookup to Employer - for multiple branches)
  • Name (Free Text)
  • Type (Picklist: Salesforce Partner, Salesforce Customer, etc)
  • Industry (Oil, Telecom, etc)
  • Website (URL)
  • Address (Address)
  • Commute Time (Number of minutes)
  • Size of Company?
  • Notes (Free Text)


  • Employer (Lookup to Employer)
  • Name (Name - Flow concatenates First/Last together)
    • First Name (Free Text)
    • Last Name (Free Text)
  • Title (Free Text)
  • Phone (Phone)
  • Email (Email)
  • Notes (Free Text)

Job Postings

  • Employer (Lookup to Employer)
  • Date Posted (Date)
  • Source (Picklist: Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor etc)
  • URL (URL)
  • Text of Posting (Free Text)
  • Title (Free Text)
  • Comp Type (Picklist: W2, 1099, etc)
  • Job Description (Free Text)
  • Hiring Timeframe (Free Text)
  • Notes (Free Text)

Job Applications

  • Job Posting (Lookup to Job Posting)
  • Point of Contact (Lookup to Contact)
  • Submit Date (Date)
  • Next Steps (Free Text)
  • Notes (Free Text)

Application Materials

  • Job Applications (Lookup to Job Applications)
  • Type (Picklist: Resume, Cover Letter, Q&A, Performance Task, etc)
  • Filename (Free Text, reference to filename on personal machine)
  • Notes (Free Text)


  • Job Application (Lookup to Job Application)
  • Interviewer (Lookup to Contact)
  • Date (Date)
  • Next Steps (Free Text)
  • Answers to Questions (Free Text)
    • Company Culture?
    • Work Life balance?
    • Review Cycle?
    • Opportunities to Advance?
  • Notes (Free Text)

Other Notes for Job Application Process in General