PD1 Cert Prep: Developer Fundamentals

Get Started with Platform Developer I Study Guide

Describe the key topic areas of the Platform Developer I Certification. Access resources that help you prepare for the Platform Developer I Certification. Describe the policies that protect the security and confidentiality of the Salesforce credentials.
  • Credential is designed for individuals who have experience developing and deploying basic business logic and user interfaces using the programmatic capabilities of the Lightning Platform. Key topics:
    • Developer Fundamentals: 23%
    • Process Automation and Logic: 30%
    • User Interface: 25%
    • Testing, Debugging, and Deployment: 22%
  • Recommended Experience: 1-2 years of experience as a developer and at least 6 months of experience on the Lightning Platform
  • Passing Score: 68%

Review Developer Fundamentals

Understand multitenant concepts and design frameworks. Identify use cases and best practices for declarative versus programmatic customization of the Lightning Platform. Determine, create, and access the appropriate data model. Identify the options and considerations for importing and exporting data into development environments.
  • What is a correct pattern to follow when programming in Apex on a multitenant platform? Use queries to select the fewest fields and records possible to avoid exceeding governor limits
  • Which two types of code represent the controller in model-view-controller (MVC) architecture on the Lightning Platform? Custom Apex and JavaScript code that is used to manipulate data and StandardController system methods that are referenced by Visualforce
  • When an account record changes, what should a developer do to update a picklist field on a related opportunity? Create a record-triggered flow
  • A developer is creating an application to track engines and their parts. An individual part can be used in different types of engines. Which data model should the developer use to track the data and to prevent orphan records? Create a junction object using two master-detail relationships to relate many engines to many parts
  • A company wants a recruiting app and data model for job candidates and interviews, with the following requirements: Display the total number of interviews on each candidate record. Define security on interview records that independent from the security on candidate records. Create a lookup relationship between the Candidate and Interview objects. Create a trigger on the Interview object that updates a field on the Candidate object.
  • The sales management team requires that users populate the Lead Source field of the lead record when they convert a lead. What should a developer create to ensure that users do this? Validation Rule
  • The sales management team hires a new intern. The intern is not allowed to view opportunities, but needs to see the most recent closed date of all child opportunities when viewing an account record. What should a developer do to meet this requirement? Create a roll-up summary field on the Account object that performs a MAX on the Opportunity Close Date field
  • A developer has this trigger that fires after insert and creates a child case whenever a new case is created. Which unexpected behavior happens after the code block executes? The trigger enters an infinite loop and eventually fails.
List<Case> childCases = new List<Case>();
for (Case parent : Trigger.new) {
    Case child = new Case(ParentId = parent.Id,
                          Subject = parent.Subject);
    childCases.add ( child );
insert childCases;
  • A developer wants to create a custom object to track customer invoices. How should you related invoices and accounts to ensure that all invoices are visible to everyone with access to an account. The Invoice should have a master-detail relationship to the Account
  • A custom field on the Account object was required for prototyping but is not longer needed. What is the correct process for a developer to delete the custom field? Remove all reference to the custom field and then delete the custom field.
  • When loading data into an organization, which two actions should a developer take to match the updates to existing records? Match the ID field to a column in the imported file. Match an External ID field to a column in the imported file.

    An important consideration when developing in a multitenant environment Governor limits
  • Which three declarative methods help ensure quality data? Validation Rules, Lookup filters, Workflow Alerts, Page Layouts, or Exception Handling Validation Rules, Lookup filters, Page Layouts
  • To which primitive data type in Apex is a currency field automatically assigned? Decimal