Products, Quotes, and Contracts

Create Price Books to Track Products

Explain how products and price books work together. Set up a price book. Define a product schedule.
  • Reps track products they sell using Product Records. Product records include details, such as:
    • Name
    • Code
    • Description
    • Indication of whether Active
  • Products with a Standard Price appear in the Standard Price Book.
    • The standard price book is like a master book of all products.
  • Access Price Books via: App Launcher » Search box » “price books” » price books
    • First, create a price book. Then, within the record view for that price book, you can Add Products
  • Opportunities can have Products added as related items.

Configure Quote Templates and Track Contracts

Explain how quote templates help sales reps efficiently prepare quotes for customers. Set up quote templates. Create contracts.


  • As sales reps work deals, they prepare Quotes for customers. Quotes show customers the prices of products and services offered by the company.
  • Quotes must be first be enabled by the admin.
    • Setup » Search » “Quote” » Quote Settings » Enable
    • Then, the admin selects the page layout on which she wants the Quotes list to appear.
    • Now, quotes appear as a related object the admin selected.
  • Once a sales rep and a customer agree on a specific quote, it the quote can be Synced. Once synced, its line items appear as the opportunity’s products, so there aren’t discrepancies between the line items in the quote and the products in the opportunity.
  • Quote Templates are used to convert quotes to PDFs to send to the customer.
    • Access via: Setup » Quick Find » “Templates” » Quote Templates
  • To create a quote from a template, access the quote record view and select Create PDF.
    • The PDF can be made available from the quote record view.


  • Contracts are used to set the terms for doing business with other companies. Contracts are generally set up after a customer decides which products or services to buy. It documents the prices and terms both parties agree to.
    • Make Contracts visible with field level security and accessibility (not page layouts):
      • Setup » Object Manager » Opportunity » Fields & Relationships » Contract » Set Field-Level Security
        • Then, select visible checkbox for appropriate profiles
      • Setup » Object Manager » Opportunity » Fields & Relationships » Contract » View Field Accessibility
        • For each appropriate profile, click Hidden, then select Visible under the Page Layout
  • Once this setup is completed, to relate a Contract to an Opportunity, access the Details tab on the opportunity. Then, select a contract from a list that specific to the account.