Project: Prepare Your Salesforce Org for Users

Activate multiple currencies with exchange rates. Adjust the exchange rate with advanced currency management. Build a unique home page for specific profiles. Construct a unique list view. Create Chatter groups.

Set Up the Exchange Rate

  • International companies often need to work with multiple currencies.
  • Enable multiple currencies via: Setup » Company Information » Edit » Activate Multiple Currencies checkbox
  • Set up a Currency via: Setup » Company Information » Currency Setup button
  • The exchange rate for the currency can be changed via: Setup » Quick Find » “Manage Currencies” » Manage Currencies » Edit Rates button
  • Changing the exchange rate automatically updates the Amount for Opportunities.
    • The currency for Opportunties can be set on a per-Opportunity basis.

Update the Exchange Rate with ACM

  • Another way to manage the exchange rate is with the Advanced Currency Management tool. This enables managing exchange rates by date.
  • Enable ACM via: Setup » Quick Find » Manage Currencies » Enable button
    • Then go to » Manage Dated Exchange Rates
  • The exchange rate that is active at the Close Date of Opportunities is the one that will dictate the converted Amount.

Customize the Home Page

  • The home page is what users see after first logging in. This page can be customized to highlight specific, pertinent information for the user.
  • Access Lightning App Builder via: Setup » Quick Find » “Lightning App” » Lightning App Builder
    • Then, set up a new Home page via: New » Home Page » Next
  • Lightning App Builder lets users setup pages in a similar manner to Dashboards, but with a slightly different UI.
  • Pages must be activated before they can be assigned to Apps and Profiles.
  • Pages can be assigned on multiple levels:
    • Org Default: home pages displayed unless there are more specific assignments.
    • App Default: home page displayed for specific apps; overrides the org default.
    • App and Profile Assignments: home page displayed for specified app and profile combinations.
  • To leave the Lightning App Builder, click the “back” arrow in the top right.

Create a Unique Account List View

  • To create a new list view, from any object record view, select the cog to enter “List View Controls.”
  • New List Views can be created and customized. Fields can be added and removed. Filters can be added and removed as well. The List Views can be shared with groups of users or left as private.

Create Chatter Groups

  • Chatter is a collaboration tool that lets users communicate and share. Chatter groups are either:
    • Public: Anyone can see and add posts, comments, and files.
    • Private: Only group members can see and add posts, comments, and files.
  • Create a Chatter group via: App Launcher » Search box » “Groups” » Groups » New button
    • Then, click through the dialogue boxes. Note that it is scrollable the Chatter group must be specified as either Public or Private.