Project: Customize an Org

Manage User Access

Create new users.
  • Users are set up via: Setup » Quick Find » “Users” » Users » New User

Manage Chatter

Use Chatter to follow account records. Create a chatter group.
  • Account records can be “Followed” via: App Launcher » Accounts tab » Select an Account Record » “Follow” button
  • Create new Chatter Groups via: App Launcher » “Groups” in search box » “New” button
    • Users can subsequently be added to the Chatter Group
  • To create a poll within a Chatter group, access the group, then click the Poll tab

Modify Your Data Model

Customize Fields. Create Dependent Picklists. Create a Support Process. Add Picklist Values. Create Record Types.
  • Orgs can have custom fields for each of the tabs and objects that the organization uses, with an upper limit of 800 fields
    • Custom field names and labels must be unique
  • Add fields with Setup » Object Manager » Some Object » Fields & Relationships » New
  • Edit that field by accessing the Object record and clicking the Pencil icon near it
  • A dependent picklist is a “custom or multi-select picklist for which the valid values depend on the value of another field, called the controlling field.”
    • Access dependent picklists via: Setup » Object Manager » Select an object » Fields & Relationships » Field Dependencies
  • Support processes use the status field to identify a case within the support lifecycle.
    • To set up support processes » Setup » Quick Find » “Support Processes” » Support Processes
  • Picklist values specific to a situation reduce your users’ frustration and improve accuracy over a generic bucket where a catch-all would be otherwise selected.
    • Access Picklists via: Setup » Object Manager » Select an Object » Fields & Relationships » Type
  • Record types determine the business processes, picklist values, and page layouts that are available to you when creating records.
    • Access via: Setup » Object Manager » Select an Object » Record Types

Configure an Email Letterhead and Template

Create a Letterhead. Letterhead + Email Template. Send an Email Test.
  • Files can be added to the org via: App Launcher » Search box » “Files” » Upload Files button
  • Letterheads can be added to the org via: App Launcher » Search box » “Letterheads” » Enhanced Letterheads » New
    • Images uploaded to the org’s Files can be added to Letterheads
  • Letterhead + Email Templates
    • Letterheads can be added to email templates via: App Launcher » Search field » “Email templates” » Email Templates » New Email Template
  • Set an Email via: Selecting a Contact » Select Email under Activity » Select the (very small) Insert, Create, or Update Template button. The email can then be edited inline.

Automate Your Business Process

Create Assignment Rules. Create Escalation Rules.
  • Assignment rules define conditions that determine how leads or cases are processed.
  • Set up queues via: Setup » Quick Find » “Queues”
    • Queues allow groups of users to manage a shared workload more effectively.
  • Set up Case Assignment Rules via » Setup » Quick Find » “Case Assignment Rules”
  • Escalation rules automatically escalate a case when it meets the criteria you choose. The example in the proejct involves sending an email.
  • Set up escalation rules via: Setup » Quick Find » “Escalation Rules”