Customize a Sales Path for Your Team

Customize a Sales Path

  • A Path is a visual representation of the stages that sales reps need to start working through in the sales process.
    • The Sales Path is used on the opportunity, lead, campaign, contract, contact, order, and custom object record detail pages in lightning experience.
  • A Sales Process maps out the stages an opportunity follows through its sales cycle. It affects what’s available to view in a sales path.
    • Create a Sales Process via: Setup » Quick Search » “Sales Processes” » Sales Processes
  • A Record Type determines the business processes, picklist values, and page layouts available when creating records.
    • Create a Record Type via: Object Manager » Select an Object » Record Types » New
    • Record Types can be associated to their own sales processes

Customize Opportunity Stages

  • The next step in creating a Sales Path involves customizing qualification stages (Prospecting, Needs Analysis, Perception Analysis, etc).
  • First, set the Path via: Setup » Quick Find » “Path Settings” » Path Settings » Enable » New Path
    • By clicking through the dialog, you can specify the exact fields and “Guidance for Success” that reps will see in each stage of the sales process.
      • Make sure to Activate the path by toggling it On in the final step

Work with Opportunities in the Kanban View

  • Kanban is a visual summary of all opportunities for a given sales path. With kanban, sales reps see all opportunities organized by stage. This helps them keep the deals moving forward. Kanban is a great alternative to a traditional list view.
    • If a company uses multiple sales paths, they should create a different list view for each, and filter it by record type.
  • Kanban views are just like list views:
    • The fields on each Kanban card can be customized.
    • The set of opportunities included can be filtered just like a list view, as well.
    • They can also have charts created.