Quick Start: Build a Salesforce App

Create the Trailblazer App

  • When you build an app on Salesforce, a bunch of functionality is built-in:
    • Database to organize information
    • Security for protecting data and defining access across your organization
    • Business logic to carry out particular tasks under certain conditions
    • User interface to expose data and functionality
    • Highly customizable mobile app
    • Native social environment that allows you to interact with people or data
    • Analytics and dashboards for viewing your data in meaningful ways
    • Multiple APIs to integrate with external systems
    • Ability to install or create third-party apps

  • When you create an app, you automatically create a data object. In Salesforce, its called a custom object
    • Custom objects are like:
      • A sheet in a spreadsheet
      • A table in a database

Try Out the App

  • Activities are tasks and events associated with this record
    • Tasks are to-do items.
    • Events are meetings.
    • Other features are available for logging notes about phone calls.

Add a Quick Action

  • When you create an app with Salesforce, you automatically create a mobile version of the app.
  • Quick Actions are things you want to do immediately from your mobile device. These actions live in the Publisher

  • Create Quick Actions:
    • Setup > Quick Find > “Global Actions” > New Action
      • Example Action Types: Create a Record
  • Add a newly-created Action to the Salesforce Mobile app
    • Setup > Quick Find > “Publisher Layouts” > Publisher Layouts
      • Add a newly-created action to the publisher layout and save