Quick Action to Sign Up Current User


Assume we have a Volunteer Shift Worker object with a lookup relationship called “Volunteer” to the User object. This way, each User can have multiple entries in the Volunteer Shift Worker object.

Create quick action (and button) by which the current user can sign themselves for a Volunteer Shift, thereby creating a Volunteer Shift Worker record.


  • Create a New Action on Volunteer Shift:
    • Action Type: Create a Record
    • Target Object: Volunteer Shift Worker
  • On the new Action, create Predefined Field Values:
    • Status -> Confirmed
    • Volunteer -> $User.Id
    • Volunteer Shift -> Volunteer_Shift__c.Id
  • On the Volunteer Shift Page Layout:
    • Remove irrelevant actions from each of:
      • Quick Actions in the Salesforce Classic Publisher,
      • Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions
    • Drag Sign Me Up to each of those areas on the page layout. This creates the necessary button.