Custom Button to Launch an Approval Process


Determine the setup necessary to launch a Process Builder from an Approval Process.


  • In a vanilla Trailhead org, create a “Submission” object with a few fields:
    • Approval Status: Picklist field
      • Pending, Approved, Denied
    • Requested Amount: Currency field
    • Amount: Currency field

  • Create a new Quick Action called “Submit for Approval” on Submission that changes the Approval Status to Pending

  • Navigate to the Submission object, then go Cog Wheel > Edit Page
  • “Update to Dynamic Actions” using link in right-hand panel, then “Migrate” existing actions
  • Remove all other Action Buttons, then add the new “Quick Action” called “Submit for Approval”

  • Create an Approval Process
      1. Entry Criteria: Submission: Approval Status - equals - Pending
      1. Next Approver: Determined by: Manager
      1. Add fields on approval page layout as appropriate. Select checkbox to “Display approval history information in addition to the fields listed above”
      1. Select checkbox to “Add the Submit for Approval button and Approval History related list to all Submission page layouts”
  • Add an Approval Step
    • All records, approved by submitter’s manager
    • If Approved: Field Update: Update “Submission: Amount” field to “Requested_Amount__c”
  • Final Approval/Denied Actions
    • Field Update: Update “Submission: Approval Status” field to “Approved”
    • Field Update: Update “Submission: Approval Status” field to “Denied”
    • Field Update: Update “Requested Amount” field to Null

  • Set up a Process Builder that fires when Approval Status is set to Pending

  • To test, set up a user that reports to my user.
  • Turn on System Admin’s ability to log in as other users via: Setup > Login Access Policies > Checkbox: System Admins can log in as any user