Custom Button to Launch an Approval Process


Determine the setup necessary to launch a Process Builder from an Approval Process.


  • In a vanilla Trailhead org, create a “Submission” object with a few fields:
    • Approval Status: Picklist field
      • Pending, Approved, Denied
    • Requested Amount: Currency field
    • Amount: Currency field

  • Create a new Quick Action called “Submit for Approval” on Submission that changes the Approval Status to Pending

  • Navigate to the Submission object, then go Cog Wheel > Edit Page
  • “Update to Dynamic Actions” using link in right-hand panel, then “Migrate” existing actions
  • Remove all other Action Buttons, then add the new “Quick Action” called “Submit for Approval”

  • Create an Approval Process
    • 2. Entry Criteria: Submission: Approval Status - equals - Pending
    • 3. Next Approver: Determined by: Manager
    • 5. Add fields on approval page layout as appropriate. Select checkbox to “Display approval history information in addition to the fields listed above”
    • 6. Select checkbox to “Add the Submit for Approval button and Approval History related list to all Submission page layouts”
  • Add an Approval Step
    • All records, approved by submitter’s manager
    • If Approved: Field Update: Update “Submission: Amount” field to “Requested_Amount__c”
  • Final Approval/Denied Actions
    • Field Update: Update “Submission: Approval Status” field to “Approved”
    • Field Update: Update “Submission: Approval Status” field to “Denied”
    • Field Update: Update “Requested Amount” field to Null

  • Set up a Process Builder that fires when Approval Status is set to Pending

  • To test, set up a user that reports to my user.
  • Turn on System Admin’s ability to log in as other users via: Setup > Login Access Policies > Checkbox: System Admins can log in as any user