App Builder Cert Maintenance (Winter '23)

According to this Certification Maintenance help article, you are required to pass the Platform App Builder Certification Maintenance (W23) module by December 8, 2023 to maintain your App Builder certification.

Maintain Your Platform App Builder Certification for Winter ’23

Customize and filter related lists in the Lightning App Builder. Create, save, and run tests for your flows in Flow Builder. Deflect cases with Einstein Article Recommendations for flows. Deliver to your customers with custom address fields. Enhance more object record pages with Dynamic Forms. Allow multiple values in restriction or scoping rule record criteria.
  • Customize related lists directly from the Lightning App Builder instead of the page layout editor with the new Dynamic Related List - Single component
    • Choose list’s fields and sort order, apply filters, and give list a descriptive name
    • To see most relevant records, set up two or more related lists with different filters on same object. Ex: On Contact, create:
      • One related list to see only opportunities created in the last 30 days
      • Another related list to see all opportunities with an amount over \$500,000

Create, Save, and Run Tests for Your Flows in Flow Builder

  • Before activating a record-triggered flow, you can test it to verify its expected results and find run-time failures
  • Before this update, you debugged a flow manually to troubleshoot failures each time they occurred. After this update, you can create and save a flow test from a debug run. Then, every time you modify the flow, you can run the test
  • Flow tests support scheduled paths and packaging, but do not support flows that run when a record is deleted

Deflect Cases with Einstein Article Recommendations for Flows

  • Enable smart email autoresponse to quickly answer customer questions and deflect cases with knowledge articles, using the flexibility of Flow Builder with Einstein Article Recommendations
  • Access by selecting Create Article Recommendations from Flow Builder

Deliver to Your Customers with Custom Address Fields

  • Improve data accuracy and UX with custom addresses like “warehouse address” to standard or custom objects
    • Access the data that’s stored in a custom address field as a structured compound data type or as individual address components
  • Available now because Custom address fields are now supported for dynamic forms for Flows
  • Custom address fields use the State and Country picklists, which by default are visible to users. To specify available picklist values in Salesforce, configure State and Country/Territory Picklists before you enable custom address fields

Enhance More Object Record Pages with Dynamic Forms

  • You can now make your account (and person account), contact, and opportunity record pages more robust by configuring them with Dynamic Forms
  • To enable, in Lightning App Builder, open a record page. Click the new Fields tab, then place fields anywhere on the page.
    • Or, automate the process by migrating your Record Detail component to use Dynamic Forms with the click of a button

Allow Multiple Values in Restriction or Scoping Rule Record Criteria

  • Configure a restriction or scoping rule to use a comma-separate list of IDs or values in the record criteria
  • To create a restriction or scoping rule, add a comma as a delimiter to separate the ID or string values
    • To include a single value that contains a comma, surround the value with double quotes

Get Hands-On With Permission Set Expiration

Enable Permission Set or Permission Set Group Expirations. Assign Expiration Details for Users in Permission Sets or Permission Set Groups.

Enable Permission Set or Permission Set Group Expirations

  • Permission set and permission set group assignments now use a new interface and improved workflow
    • Users can be assigned to permission sets and permission set groups with or without an expiration date
    • By default, they do not expire

Assign Expiration Details for Users in Permission Set or Permission Set Groups

  • Set assignment expiration dates and assign permissions that expire to users via permission sets and permission set groups
    • Activate this feature by enabling Permission Set & Permission Set Group Assignments with Expiration Dates in User Management Settings
  • Edit a permission set via: Setup > Quick Find > “Permission Sets” > Permission Sets
  • Edit a permission set group via: Setup > Quick Find > “Permission Set Group” > Permission Set Groups
  • To update, click the name of the permission set or permission set group name that you want to update in the List View