Admin Cert Maintenance (Spring '22)

Learn What’s New for Admins in Winter ’22

Point to specific elements on a page using targeted prompts. Create dynamic gauge charts in Lightning Experience dashboards. Easily clear workspace tabs for new console sessions in Lightning. View and manage record-triggered flows with new Flow Trigger Explorer. Enhance security with restrictions rules.

According to this Certification Maintenance help article, beginning with the Spring, ‘20 release, all certifications now require completion of one maintenance module per year.

The Winter ‘22 maintenance module for App Builders was available April 13, 2022 and is due in April, 2023.

Point to Specific Elements on a Page with Targeted Prompts

  • Identify specific page elements to show users exactly what you’re referring to with latest type of “in-app guidance.” To use:
    • Setup > Quick Find > “in-app guidance” > In-App Guidance
      • Available video with explanation of what in-app guidance

Create Dynamic Gauge Charts in Lightning Experience Dashboards

  • Dynamic Gauge Charts allow you to visualize a targeted goal and how close you are to reaching it
    • Standard mode: report metric is a target, then enter numeric values for the segment ranges (segment values are numbers)
    • Dynamic mode: select field values and report measures that respond dynamically to changes in business conditions and goals (segment values are percentages)
      • In the “Add Component” window, choose:
        • Report metric: a metric defined in the source report, such as Record Count or Sum of Amount
        • Field: a field value from a selected Salesforce object and record

Clear Workspace Tabs for New Console Sessions

  • Users using Lightning Console can now start new console sessions fresh - no more loading workspaces from previous sessions and then closing them out
    • To enable, in the apps “App Settings,” select App Manager, then select App Personalization Settings. Then select Clear workspace tabs for each new console session

Visualize All Your Record-Triggered Flows with New Flow Trigger Explorer

  • The Flow Trigger Explorer is a new tool that’s more visual and interactive than the Flows list view
    • Flow Trigger Explorer shows all of the flows associated with a specified object and that run when a record is created, updated or deleted
  • To access, click Open Flow Trigger Explorer from Flow Builder at the Start element for a record-triggered flow:

  • The Flow Trigger Explorer shows:
    1. The object,
    2. When these flows are triggered (on create, update, delete),
    3. Before-save flows
    4. After-save flows
    5. Flow labels for individual flows
    6. Asynchronous paths associated with flows
    7. Flow details and versions

Enhance Security with Restriction Rules

  • Restriction Rules provide added security for your organization bby limiting the records that users can access
    • Restriction Rules are a complement to two other tools: Org-Wide Sharing Defaults and Sharing Mechanisms (such as role hierarchy, sharing rules, enterprise territory management)

  • Essentially, restriction rules make certain records “invisible” or unavailable to certain users
  • Restriction rules are available for custom objects, contracts, tasks, and events

  • Configure restriction rules in Object Manager. Example below makes tasks private to the owner.

  • Easily review all restriction rules on an object using the view shown below