Admin Cert Maintenance (Spring '21)

According to this Certification Maintenance help article, beginning with the Spring, ‘20 release, all certifications now require completion of one maintenance module per year.

The Spring ‘21 maintenance module for Administrators was available 4/14/21 and is due in December 2022.

Release notes for past year:

Maintain Your Administrator Certification for Spring ‘21

Explain how to send a rich text email from a flow using a Send Email Action. Improve navigation of lists with split view. Identify recent changes to opportunity deals. Apply Dynamic Forms to a custom object.

Send Rich Text Emails from Your Flow Using a Send Email Action (Spring ‘21)

  • New: now possible to send an email in rich text format by using a Send Email action within a Flow.
    • Rich text can include bullets, bold, or italicized text and also lets you embed images.
    • Previously, only plain text was available for Send Email actions.
  • Do it by dragging an Action element onto the canvas. In the Action field, select Email, and Send Email.
  • Salesforce recommends writing the email body in a text template, then referencing that in the Send Email action. This way, you have access to the formatting tools and the space to write more than one line.
    • To add a table or other advanced markup, create a text template, then, while in rich text mode, paste in the table.

Work Through Lists with Ease Using Split View for Standard Navigation (Summer ‘20)

  • Split View is available as another way of viewing list views, along with Tables and Kanban.
    • Split view is only supported for objects that are on the navigation bar.

Find Changed Deals at a Glance (Winter ‘21)

  • In the opportunities list view and Kanban view, text colors and arrows indicate amounts and close daets that changed during the last 7 days. By hovering over those arrows, users can get details.
    • Red indicates amounts that decreased and close dates that were pushed out.
    • Green indicates amounts that increased and close dates that were pulled in.
    • Opportunity deal change highlights are turned on by default, and can be changed via Opportunity Settings in setup.

Break Up Your Record Details with Dynamic Forms (Winter ‘21)

  • Dynamic Forms is the next step in the eveolution of Lightning record pages. It adds the ability to configure record detail fields and sections inside the Lightning App Builder.
    • Supported on record pages for custom objects only.
    • To get started, open an existing record page in Lightning App Builder, then click Upgrade Now from the Record Detail properties pane to launch the Dynamic Forms migration wizard. This wizard adds fields and field sections to the page for you.