Admin Cert Maintenance (Spring '20)

According to this Certification Maintenance help article, beginning with the Spring, ‘20 release, all certifications now require completion of one maintenance module per year.

The Spring ‘20 maintenance module for Administrators was available 4/15/20 and is due 4/9/21.

Get Started with the Salesforce Mobile App

Create a URL or custom button to navigate to a record page with default field values. Assign tasks to a queue to share work efficiently. Improve your Lightning pages with guidance for App Builder. Secure your sandbox data with Salesforce Data Mask. Combine duplicate cases with Case Merge. Clone opportunities or campaigns along with their related records.
  • Now, we can create custom buttons and links that pass default field values when creating a new record. Reference this sample formula provided on Trailhead:
CustomCheckbox__c={!IF(Account.SomeCheckbox__c, true, false)}

Activities: Assign Tasks to a Queue to Share Work Efficiently

  • Tasks can now be assigned to queues as well as individual people and groups

Improve Your Lightning Pages with Guidance for App Builder

  • Tips appear in the Lightning App Builder now, covering categories such as performance, usability, and structural issues.
    • Tips can be muted to hide the docked prompt during page creation.
    • If tips are available they are visible under the help menu as well as the docked prompt.

Secure Your Sandbox Data with Salesforce Data Mask

  • Salesforce Data Mask is a security resource that lets admins/developers mask data that is included in sandbox orgs.
  • Install the “Data Mask” managed package in a production org. Then, you can run the masking process from any sandbox created from the production org.

Combine Duplicate Cases with Case Merge

  • Setup > Quick Find > “Case Merge” > Case Merge
  • Enable Case Merge, then specify what happens to duplicate cases after agents merge them
    • Can be deleted (appropriate CRUD required) or kept (will show up in the Merged Cases related list and will have “Merged” appended to the subject)
  • Opportunities and Campaigns can now be “Cloned with Related” which makes it easy to include related records
    • Opportunities would include: Opportunity Contact Roles, Opportunity Products, and Opportunity Product Line Item Schedules
    • Campaigns would include: all member statuses
  • Enable by finding the Opportunity or Campaign object and select Page layout. Add the “Clone with Related” action to the layout and save.

Get Hands-on with Permission Set Groups

Group permission sets based on user job function for easier assignment. Maintain your Salesforce Administrator Certification.
  • Users can now be assigned a single permission set group rather than multiple permission sets. Permission set groups combine multiple permission sets.
  • Access via: Setup > Quick Find > “permission” > Permission Set Groups
    • First, have a few permission sets created
    • Then, set up a permission set group including those permissions
    • Finally, assign that permission set group to users