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Explain what Salesforce does. Describe what Salesforce Customer 360 is. Explain why Customer 360 is Salesforce's greatest differentiator.
  • What does Salesforce do? Salesforce brings companies and customers together
    • How? By empowering departments and teams with a single, shared view of your customers, so you can create the experiences your customers expect.
    • Salesforce Customer 360 is an integrated CRM platform that units marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT with a single shared customer view.
      • Encompasses the full breadth of the Salesforce portfolio, including core applications, platform, services, connected ecosystem
  • The Salesforce Customer 360 perspective is important companies have a hard time delivering a good customer experience they have disparate systems where customer data is siloed
    • Disparate systems, siloed data, disconnected customer experiences, inaccurate data
    • 57% of business leaders agree that CRM is fragmented across their organization
  • By connecting a centralizing customer data from marketing to sales to service, employees can engage meaningfully with customers:
    • Improve lead generation, customer acquisition, upselling opportunities
    • Develop and implement a precise, repeatable sales process
    • Built simple, seamless digital commerce experiences
    • Deliver consistent, personalized support experiences
    • Build modern apps to meet every employee, partner, and customer need

  • Salesforce Customer 360 is one integrated CRM platform. It is the breadth of Salesforce technology that helps companies get closer to their customers.
  • What prevents companies from delivering connected customer experiences? Companies have disparate systems and siloed data and CRM is implemented in departmental isolation.

Tour the Customer 360 Solution Portfolio

Describe the powerful solutions that make up Salesforce Customer 360. Explain the relationship between Salesforce Customer 360 and the Customer 360 Platform. Learn how to extend the power of Salesforce Customer 360.
  • Salesforce Customer 360 Solutions:
    • Sales Cloud - manages every step of the sales journey, from the first contact through the win, accelerating sales processes
    • Service Cloud - an easy-to-use, intelligent, personalized customer service platform
    • Marketing Cloud - reach audiences via multiple touchpoints including digital advertising, email, mobile, etc.
    • Commerce Cloud - grow online business and develop customer relationships with seamless experiences
    • Analytics - access Tableau to bring enterprise-wide data together, and Einstein Analytics for actionable insights on data
    • Integration - using Mulesoft, Salesforce’s most trusted integration platform
    • Platform - build engaging, smarter apps for customers, employees, and partners with Salesforce Customer 360
    • Industries - use platforms designed for their specific industry like Financial Services Cloud, Health Cloud, Consumer Goods Cloud, etc
    • Safety - use Health Cloud to manage testing, health, entry protocols for safer in-person experiences
    • Sustainability - Net Zero Cloud enables tracking, analyzing, and reporting on carbon emissions and waste management data across your business
    • Partners - use partner-built solutions and consultants on AppExchange
    • Success - achieve long-term success with resources like adoption and professional services
  • Salesforce Customer 360 Platform Services:
    • Mobile - build mobile apps using Salesforce data
    • Blockchain - share valuable data in a secure, tamper-proof, transparent way
    • AI - discover insights, predict outcomes, recommend actions with a layer of intelligence embedded in every application
    • Vision - classify images, detect objects in images
    • Security - service suite that assists with compliance, industry regulations, internal policies, insights, and controls
    • Privacy and Identity - collect and respect data use and privacy preferences
    • Communities - launch prebuilt, use-case-specific and industry-specific solutions and components with customers and partners
    • Builder - build mobile apps, customize pages, create communities using low-code and no-code service that has drag-and-drop components and visually automated workflows that deliver modern experiences on any device
    • Flow - assemble workflows easily and quickly

  • Salesforce Customer 360 is powered by the Customer 360 platform