Quick Start: Process Builder

Create a New Process on the Account Object

  • Process Builder is a workflow tool that helps automate business processes without writing a single line of code.
  • This example involves creating a process that automatically updates the business address of all people working at a certain business when that business’s address changes (all Contacts associated with that Account).
  • Access Process Builder via: Setup » Quick Find » “Builder” » Process Builder

Add Process Criteria

  • In this worked example, when the Billing Street on the Account object “is changed” == True, then the process runs. IE, “run this process when the Billing Street changes.”

Add Your Process Action

  • Note that when specifying actions, the process can work on related objects. In this case, it operates on all Contacts related to the Account.

Test Your Process

  • With just a few clicks, process builder enables creation of a business process to update child records and keep your data clean and accurate.