Project: Quick Start: Lightning App Builder

Lightning App Builder is a tool that enables users to build custom user interfaces for desktop and mobile without writing any code.

Create Your First Page

  • A Lightning Page is a container for Lightning Components
  • Access Lightning App Builder via: Setup » Quick Find » “Lightning App Builder” » Lightning App Builder
  • Under Lightning Pages, click “New,” then “App Page,” then complete the remaining steps.
  • Select an appropriate Layout for the app.

Add More Components

  • Add components by dragging and dropping into the regions provided

Add Quick Actions and Activate the App

  • Quick actions allow users to quickly create and modify records.
  • Click into a region and click select under actions to add a quick action.
    • Example actions: Log a Call, New Case, New Lead, New Task
  • Activate the app by clicking Activation and following the dialogue prompt.
    • Add the app to mobile on the mobile tab.
  • Following activation, the new app will be available by clicking on the App Launcher button in the top left.