Build a Discount Approval Process

Prepare Your Org

This example project involves creating an automated system for processing discout requests based on the following:

  • If a discount is requested for 15% or less, it’s automatically approved.
  • If a discount is requested for more than 15%, it must be approved by a manager in the sales department—for U.S. reps.
  • If a discount is requested for more than 40%, it must also be approved by someone else as well.

  • In order to set up approvers for approval processes, access users via: Setup » Quick Find » “Users” » Users » Users » Edit next to a user » Approver Settings (at bottom) » Manager
  • Custom field names and labels must be unique for a given object to avoid merge and display issues. For example, instead of creating a field labeled “Email” if a standard field labeled Email already exists.
  • Add (classic) email templates via: Setup » “Classic Email” » Classic Email Templates
    • These templates can reference merge fields to personalize the email content. Examples:
      • {!Contact.FirstName,Sir or Madam}
      • {!NullValue(Contact.FirstName,"Sir or Madam")}
      • {!Opportunity.OwnerFullName}

Create an Approval Process

  • Access Approval Processes setup via: Setup » Quick Find » “Approval” » Approval Processes » Select 1 of 2 Setup Wizards

Create Initial Submission Actions

  • An initial submission action occurs when a user first submits a record for approval.
  • There are four items that must be specified when creating an approval process:
    1. Initial Submission Actions
    2. Approval Steps
    3. Final Approval Actions
    4. Final Rejection Actions
  • There are four types of actions available: Task, Email Alerts, Field Update, Outbound Message

Specify Final Approval and Rejection Actions

  • Final approval actions occur when all required approvals are obtained.
  • Final rejection actions occur when an approver rejects the request and it moves to the final rejection state.