AppExchange Basics

Get Started with AppExchange

Explain what AppExchange is. Describe how Salesforce organizes AppExchange listings. Describe pricing on AppExchange.
  • AppExchange is a marketplace for Salesforce apps, Lightning components, Flow solutions, and more.
    • Also includes integrations for third-party solutions.
  • The solutions and apps on AppExchange are created by Salesforce partners, who build solutions and services on top of Salesforce.
    • Currently more than 4,000 listings, 80,000 peer reviews, 7 million installations.
  • Two kinds of listings on AppExchange:
    • Solutions: something that plugs into Salesforce and extends its core functionality.
    • Consultants: Salesforce professionals who specialist in building custom solutions for specific clouds/industries.
  • Many solutions are free, such as Salesforce Labs solutions, that are built by Salesforce themselves.
  • AppExchange is:
    • A vibrant community powered by admins, developers, and Salesforce partners
    • A place to connect with prebuilt solutions for business problems you face at your company
  • AppExchange collections:
    • Are curated by experts on the AppExchange team
    • Are perfect for browsing
  • Solutions on AppExchange include many listings that are free to install and use
Develop an AppExchange strategy using your business requirements. Describe the key elements of the AppExchange home page. Describe the key elements of an AppExchange listing. List the ways you can try an AppExchange solution.
  • To develop a strategy for using AppExchange, identify the following:
    • Solution type: Solution or consultant
    • Functionality: An example requirement (and good search term) might be finding a solution to help track “Salesforce adoption”
    • Budget: Free or paid? One-time payment or subscription?
    • Stakeholder needs: expectations, timelines
    • Testing: Recommended to install AppExchange solutions in a sandbox or developer edition first
    • Technical considerations: Need to be compatible with a specific Salesforce edition? Lighting? Salesforce App?
  • Two options to try out solutions:
    • Test Drive: try the solution in a read-only Developer Edition org set up by the provider
    • Free Trial: try the solution in a writable Developer Edition org for a limited time period
  • When developing an AppExchange strategy, it’s important to:
    • Determine free or paid solution
    • Test the solution in a developer edition org or sandbox
  • The AppExchange home page:
    • Gets personalized after you log in
    • Includes a search bar
  • Overview tab: includes any documentation provided by the solution provider.

Install AppExchange Packages (Also Like a Superhero)

Describe the differences between managed and unmanaged packages. List key questions to ask before installing a package. Install a package in your org. Describe how to connect with other superheroes and AppExchange.
  • AppExchange solutions come in Packages, which are containers for apps, tabs, and objects
  • Package come in two types:
    • Managed Packages: can’t view or change the solution’s code or metadata, can be automatically upgraded by provider, contents of the package don’t count against app, tab, object limits in your org
    • Unmanaged Packages: can customize code and metadata, need to uninstall and reinstall to get a new version, contents of package count against app, tab, object limits in your org
  • Installation best practices involve answering the following:
    • Installing in right org?: suggested to use dev org or sandbox, first
    • Is there available documentation on installation?: Check under Overview
    • Who needs to access the solution?: admins, all users, etc.