Jordan Peterson on Suffering

The following is my transcription of part of a Jordan Peterson lecture during which he discusses the nature of our reality (hint: suffering). The message is actually more hopeful and prescriptive than you might guess based upon that brief description. The excerpt begins 1 hour, 1 minute, 29 seconds into lecture number 2 of his 2017 Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories series. View it here.

I tried to make the transcription as close to verbatim as possible (with exception of fillers, such as ‘uh’ and ‘um’), but the headings and subheadings are my own. They are included to facilitate navigation within the content. Jordan Peterson is an excellent speaker, and a lot of nuance is lost in the translation from video to written word. I encourage you to view the excerpt itself.

Elaboration of Satanic Influence

You know, there’s this play, written by a German named Johann von Goethe, and I can never say that properly, its Johann von G-O-E-T-H-E. And I can’t say it. But he wrote this play called Faust. And he wrote one part of it when he was quite young then Faust 2 when he was old. And he has this character… [1:01:29-]

This transcription is a work in progress.